- connecting Southeast and West European culture


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Connecting Southeast and West European culture

balkanburo is a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation dedicated to providing a platform for artistic and cultural encounters between Western and Southeastern Europe. We take on the role of facilitator and constantly trigger collaborations in what we aim to be a continued process of mutual awareness, involvement and active exchange between these regions. The longterm goal is that Europeans will experience each other openly and knowingly - not limited by the frame of membership in geopolitical and economic projects or mere prejudices. We chose to operate on a more personal and direct level, with social as well as professional benefits at grassroots.


Our vision

We envision an inclusive Europe in which people see cultural differences as valuable encounters. We are inspired by the initiative-taking attitude of the Southeast European artists and cultural actors and we want European society in general to have such approach. We dream of a Europe that goes beyond geopolitical status quo.


Our core values

We believe that artists and cultural actors are at the forefront of social change and that creative freedom is at the core of this process. We also see that working together as equal partners is the most useful mindset to tackle challenges.


Our mission

Balkan Buro exists in order to concentrate, connect and catalyse creative processes, triggering exchanges between Southeast Europe and its surrounding regions. We invite people to be curious and enthusiastic about the unknown, and dare to create alternative perceptions about each other. We do this through contemporary urban arts and culture, scouting for and presenting fresh content, as well as by sharing co-built networks.


balkanburo is


Irmin van der Meijden, founder and director

Conrad Kockert, financial manager

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Anna Hoetjes, project manager balkan snapshots

Sophie Logothetis, project assistant balkan snapshots

Silvia Pietrosanti, communications manager

Giulia Levi, communications officer

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With the collaboration of

Giusy Chierchia, 4 Tuned Cities network coordinator


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